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SVFC Committee Members 2018

President                              Tony Cuccaro                     svfcpresident@gmail.com or tcuccaro@bigpond.com.au        0407 441 672
Senior Vice President          Vacant
Junior Vice President          Adam Lloyd                        svfcjnrvicepresident@gmail.com
Secretary                              Dave Lee                            svfcsecretary@gmail.com
Treasurer                              Alan Hart                             svfctreasurer@gmail.com
Senior Registrar                  Rachel Lawrence                svfcpresident@gmail.com
Junior Registrar                  Wanita Bartholomeusz         jnrregistrar@gmail.com
Senior Delegate                   Tony Cuccaro                     svfcpresident@gmail.com
Junior Delegate                   Tony Cuccaro                     svfcpresident@gmail.com
Coaching Coordinator        Caroline Screaigh
AusKick Coordinator          Kim Martin-Hart
Girls Coordinator                Wanita Bartholomeusz         jnrregistrar@gmail.com
General Committee             Carl Scarfone
General Committee             Darren Rullo
General Committee             Craig Lawrence
General Committee             Darryl Lazenby
General Committee             Joanne Jackson
      General Committee             Marnie Southern
Swan View Football Club
Salisbury Road
Swan View WA  6056

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