Become part of the Swan View Football Club team, by becoming a Sponsor of the Club and assist us in promoting sport at all levels within Swan View and surrounding districts.

You have an opportunity to boost your profitability by partnering with the Swan View Football Club and its members through one of our attractive sponsorship packages.

Why associate your name with the Swan View Football Club

Research by the Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand shows there are six reasons why businesses should consider entering into a sponsorship arrangement with community groups like us. They are to: 
  • Generate more business.
  • Build a relationship with a target audience.
  • Promote your business, its products and/or services.
  • Show support for the community.
  • Increase your market presence and share.
  • Create a positive business image.

Promote Yourself

During the football season, games are played on Saturday  and Sunday.  As such they will see your business signs on a regular basis, thus building brand awareness for your business.

The total player base of our club is in excess of 300 players, we offer you the opportunity to tap into our membership base to improve your business and its value to the community.  What’s more we’re really committed to making your sponsorship work. We understand that your business has to make money from its sponsorship dollars so therefore we won’t be content with taking ‘donations’. We’ll work with you so that you enjoy success also.

Please act now to secure your partnership with the Swan View Football Club. 

The Swan View Football Club offers many different levels of Sponsorship.  These packages can be tailored to suit your business needs:

Further Information

If you require Further Information about being a sponsor of the Swan View Football Club, Please contact Alan Hart on  0408 950 829 or by completing the contact form below

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Each year to support the Clubs activities, we fundraise through various methods, these include running raffles, selling lottery tickets, holding club events and fundraising chocolate sales.  In the 2018 year, the club will periodically publish on this page, fundraising activities as they occur.